What is Fiverr Workspace? Review | Pricing

There are so many features available in the Fiverr Workspace but today I will give you the 9 best features that preserve your time.

1. Invoicing

What is Fiverr Workspace, features of Fiverr workspace

If you are working as a freelancer or in any other field you need an invoice to receive payment from the client. I use most of the time Paypal or Payoneer to send invoices to clients.

There are so many invoicing websites or software there and people are using them also. Especially this is a lot more time-saving for those who are doing freelancing especially Fiverr. You can send an invoice as well helps you to accept the payment same.

Few Notable Features -

  • Integrates With Time Tracking - Enable this feature and this will automatically create an invoice for the hour. There is no need to enter the hour manually.
  • Invoicing in your Currency - Setup your country currency it will do the rest automatically.
  • Payment Alert - You will be notified after the client pays.
  • Customize your Invoice - Add Your custom logo and color pallet to beautify.
  • Set Up Recurring Invoice - Create an auto-recurring weekly or monthly invoice. Which helps you to stop dont Repeat Yourself.
  • Invoice By Milestone - You can create a target that you want to achieve in a particular time period. That milestone always shows you in your home and you achieve then get a notification from Fiverr.
  • Turn Proposals into invoices - Always sends proposals to clients if they agree with that then we create a contract but in this feature if the client likes then you directly convert that into a contract.

2. Task management

What is Fiverr Workspace, features of Fiverr workspace

Task management is a crucial task for any company or individual because if someone manages time effectively then the possibility of growth is guaranteed. In the Fiverr workspace, you can manually add tasks or it will automatically add tasks as per your project or contract deadline.

Which helps you to track all project deadlines and plan accordingly. In this, you get a built feature for time tracking.

3. Proposals

What is Fiverr Workspace, features of Fiverr workspace

With this feature, you can create beautiful and well-designed proposals in some seconds, where you can customize your logo or brand icon. Few More proposal features are:

  • E-signing
  • Automatic Invoice
  • Automatic Reminder
  • Smart Alert

4. Payment

Getting paid is a big problem in most cases, sometimes it happens due to fraudsters and sometimes due to payment mode but on this platform, they try to credit the payment quickly and securely with new technologies. They provide flexible payment options and your client can pay you with any online mode. If you know about blogging then you can create web stories and earn too good revenue.

If payment is done by credit card then it takes a 2.9% standard fee. Fiverr workspace works as a gateway between you and your client and then gives a daily payout option with an anywhere tracking option. The most important secure payment option where they use bank-grade security measures for all payments.

Recuring payment where you need to set a time frame as per contract and they will collect from your clients credit card as per your pre-defined amount. It has also an option that shows from your total earnings how much amount will deduct for taxes (it varies as per tax rules). Expanse tracking is a big part of any company because it tracks accurate profit after expenses.

I already described the major features of Fiverr workspace but the leading point is pricing lets come into it. Fiverr workspace comes with two plans, the first is free, and the second is Unlimited. The unlimited plan price is $24 per month if you choose the monthly plan but you get a 25% discount if you pay for one year which costs $18 per month ($216/year).

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