What is AMP Web-Stories and Create one Story?

Lets Dive in Brief…..

What Are Google Web Stories?

Google web stories are amp pages where publishers or content creators create a small piece of visual content in slides and use rich media like video, image, and text.

If you think of stories you can also call a series of images with some visual effect on the web is called web stories.

How Do You Make Web Stories?

If your website or blog is using WordPress CMS then you are lucky.

If you dont know about Worpress then let me tell you a little bit about it. WordPress is a CMS where you can publish your content without coding. If you want to know detail about what WordPress is and how you can start your blog.

Google has its own official plugin for WordPress where you can create web stories by dragging needy items.

Steps to Create Google Web Stories

I will explain to you how you can make web stories in your WordPress blog using Google Web Stories.


If you are a WordPress user then follow this else this will not work for you. Open your WordPress plugin section and search for web story and install in your blog and activate it.


After installation and activation, you get another option in the left bar as stories. click on it.


Now on your page, you get an interface like the above image. To start creating google web stories click on Create New Story.


Your web story creation process is started after clicking on create new story option on your page shown below. You can create by navigation different option available in the page , after creating a good web story you need to click publish option available in the right top.

Basic things Need to do before Publishing Your Google Web Story.

Our main motto to create a web story is to grow your websites and get some revenue from the traffic. To monetize your web story and to track visitors you need to set up AdSense as well analytics for web stories externally.

To add the tracking code open setting inside stories then get an option for analytics to paste the UA Code only, not the full script code. To Validate your code correctly you need to upload the logo also.

After adding analytics code scroll down and you will see the monetization option will come. Now you need your AdSense publisher id and ad slot code. Paste ad slot code and pub id and choose google Adsense and click save.

Congrats to you for successfully learning how to create web stories and monetize the stories.

  1. Can I create a web story on blogger?

    Yes you can create a web story using the make stories website.

  2. I want to create a web story using custom code

    If you want to create web story using custom code then you need to refer to the official documentation.

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