3 Useful Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs in the USA

Adblocker is a productivity extension of chrome that helps you to stop being distracted in the meanwhile of working. If you are working on the internet then definitely you see different ads based on your interest and random ads, which can distract you but the ad blocker blocks the ads of the website and gives you a smooth and clean ad-free experience.

If you are a marketer then you may not use this extension because advertising is also a part of marketing and that can help you to create a better idea. This extension is available free of cost in the chrome web store and it takes the best step for its users privacy.


2. Grammarly

3 Useful Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs in the USA

Grammarly is a Super helpful extension to correct grammar in any paragraph and sentence. It has 10M + downloads with 41,646 reviews. This extension helps you to correct the spelling of words and all grammatical mistakes even though you can find synonyms of a word by clicking twice on any word.

This is best for content writers, its notepad feature where you can write and save as a note and access it any time. The best part is its free plan is also available. If you go for the free plan then you get limited features, you can go for a paid plan for all features.


3. StayFocusd

3 Useful Chrome Extensions for Entrepreneurs in the USA

From its name, you might guess what be the work of this plugin. If you want to limit yourself to visiting any site then you can install this and set the website URL as well as limited time. The added websites will be accessible for your time period after completion of that you cannot access that site.


How do I install a Chrome extension?

You can simply visit https://chrome.google.com/ and search for your extensions. To install the extension just click on install.

Should chrome extension slow down your browser?

Yes, if you use any extension then the JS engine runs in the background and it takes your space from RAM. If an extension is not required then you must remove that.

What is the cost to create a chrome extension?

If a developer knows HTML, CSS and JS then the developer can create a chrome extension easily. As per some freelancing surveys the developers take $20 to $250 per hour for extension development. It varies as per the developers experience.

How does extension Make money?

The extension makes money from ads and upselling. Let me explain to you from Grammarly extension, it has a fee plan where you get limited features if you want all features then you need to purchase the premium plan.

Are chrome web store apps safe?

Yes, all apps are safe because google checks every extension before uploading it into the store.

How I can learn Extension development?

To learn chrome extension development you can visit Googles official development page - https://developer.chrome.com/docs/extensions/mv3/getstarted/

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