Top 7 Best Grocery Delivery Apps in the USA

Walmart is a famous company in the USA and it has its own supermarket in different places. You can purchase groceries directly from the supermarket of Walmart or you can download the Walmart app to order groceries to your Doors step.

This Grocery Delivery app recently announced a Delivery unlimited plan as a membership option. If you buy the membership then you got 1 years worth of free shipping on all your shopping.

Walmarts delivery varies according to your location, but it usually costs $8 - $10. Its premium plans are also available where you got options for monthly and yearly subscriptions.

Available for - Android

2. Kroger

Top 7 Best Grocery Delivery Apps in the USA,grocery app in usa

Kroger is one of the leading apps for grocery shopping and delivery, it is also the leading delivery app in the USA also. The specialty of this grocery delivery app is its massive promotion and discount runs in their app to grab more sales which grace more discounts.

It has also the facility of in-store shopping as well delivery apps to order doorstep. With Kroger App, you get auto suggestions that help you to grace more discounts on orders.

Available for - Android & ios

3. Amazon Prime Now

grocery door step delivery app in usa

Amazon prime subscription costs $199 per year in the USA if have then you can get the additional benefits for grocery orders using amazon. Amazon has special offers for prime users. Amazon has a combo of all products starting from food to groceries and anything can you order.

Slowly amazon collaborated with different supermarkets to serve the best product to its customers.

Available for - Android

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4. Instacart: Same-Day Grocery Delivery

grocery door step delivery app in usa

You might understand why Instacart is in 4th position. Its name entails it gives same-day delivery service which leads me to list in 4th number. Instacart service is available in more than 100+ cities and its growing its inventory in different locations.

The best thing I like of this app is its UI. Its UI is simple and easily you can navigate your needy products and easily make orders. Instacart team tries to deliver your order as soon as possible with a low delivery fee.

Available for - Android & ios

5. Peapod

Peapod app is a little bit different from other apps grocery delivery apps. Most grocery apps depend on secondary sources to deliver foods but peapod has its own inventory to give you the best.

Peapod has small local stores in different locations which costs to save delivery charges by self-pick up after order. The delivery rate starts from $7 and costs up to $10.

6. Shipt: Same Day Delivery

Shipt is an amazing delivery app for its users. Shipt collaborated with your nearest retail stores and you can make order after the retail store opens. Literally, they deliver you the order after a half-hour. Recently shift launched a feature where you directly chat with your local grocery retailer to smoothen your experience.

Available for - Android & ios

7. Google Shopping

Google is the largest search engine and googles own platform which is Google Shopping where you can compare different goods and buy easily. Google AI-based algorithm helps you to choose the right now without hassles.

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