Super Easy: 5+ Best Online Jobs From Home {Zero Investment}

Are you are a student, jobseeker, or housewife who wants to make money with online jobs that pay more than $10 a day. I will show you the best online jobs, and you start working that from your home.

I am a blogger, and I started my journey from these online job opportunities, and I write this post with my real experience to give you practical knowledge in this post.

9+ Best Online Jobs form Home

If you are want to work from home with online jobs, then spend your time and understand the full post. This post will understand what parameters you need to make money with Online Jobs.

Let’s Start Making Money with Online Jobs…

1.Become a Youtuber

If you use youtube, think once you may use youtube to entertain yourself or to collect some information. For example, you want to buy a mobile. 

Then you search on Google with “Best Mobile Under 10K”. You got some articles, but you don’t satisfy because you need the video visual to understand easily.

Now you open youtube and search the same term, and you get some video list where the Youtuber explains all things.

So the current & future trending Platform is Youtube.

If you know about search engines, then the second largest search engine is youtube after Google.

The human tendency is how I get the information quickly, and the YouTubers make their effort low because they make a detailed video on your searching topics.

Youtube is a big platform where you earn unlimited with Zero Investment.

How to Start a Youtube Channel

Youtube is a 100% free platform where you don’t need to pay single rupees. 

There are 3 Steps to start a Youtube Channel

  1. Choose Your Niche
  2. Create Your Channel with Google Account
  3. Start Uploading Video (Your Earning is Start)

One thing you might remember. You need to post quality videos and stay consistent.

Starting a Youtube channel is not hard; even a 10th failure can start their Youtube channel. I write a step by step guide for How to create a Youtube channel.

If you check, then most of the entrepreneurs are started their youtube channel because they know Youtube channel’s potential.

You earn in 3 ways from Youtube, Adsense, Affiliate Marketing, and the last is brand promotion.

But my favorite is affiliate marketing. The best part is you can earn from your youtube channel using all methods at a time.

If you make amazing videos, then you make this as a Full-time and make this become your best Online Job. You earn a good income if you are consistent.

2.Blogging & Affiliate Marketing

I started my blog at the end of 2019, but I just start the blog to earn money from my blog. 

Because I am new in blogging, so I do some research where I realize the power of a Blog.

I started my other affiliate blog on Feb 2020, where I got so many success where i recognize blogging is made fro me.

I earn $5,000 in a year from Blogging.

Yes, this is 100% true.

If you think now the competition on blogging is so high, then you are wrong.

Day to Day, the whole world is going digital, and the userbase of the internet is increasing.

It directly indicated that if the internet user is growing, then why don’t you grow?

Think once where your expertise is and start a blog on that topic.

Why do I say Start with Expertise niche?

Read the full post to get the answer to why expertise needs.

Comparing with other online jobs blogging is easy, and you earn a good revenue with it.

Now the question is What qualities I need to become a blogger or to start a blog.

To Start a Blog, you need two things –

  1. Domain
  2. Hosting

I already taught you I give 9+ best online jobs from home where you start from zero. 

So you have both the option of blogging. You start with a free method or begin with some little investment. Below I give a guide where you get knowledge of how to start a blog for free.

Guide: How to start a Free Blog.

Now you think about how I Monetize my blog. It’s so simple there are so many ways there to monetize a blog, but my favourite is Adsense.

Mainly there are two ways there to Monetize a Blog- 1.Affiliate Marketing 2.Adsense

Before monetizing a Blog, you need to evaluate your blog traffic. If you are getting a massive amount of traffic, then simply use Adsense blindly.

Consider Three points before choosing Monetization option for Optimized Earning-

  • For Targeted Traffic Choose Affiliate Marketing
  • For Untargeted Traffic Choose Adsense + Affiliate Marketing

You can choose Bogging as Full-time or Part-time. If we go for earning, then there is No limit to Earn.

3.Micro Task Online Jobs

If you are fully newcomer and don’t have any knowledge, but you want to earn from online works, then Micro Task jobs best.

In the market there are so many micro job websites are there, but most of are not legit, so I was given a guide at the end of the topic where you read some legit PTC sites.

To start earning from micro jobs, you need to complete some simple tasks like watching videos, reading an article, or sharing articles, and follow some social profiles, etc.

You need to spend your 10-15 minutes on microtask websites to complete the tasks. As per my experience, you earn $0.5-$3 for completing tasks.

If you don’t have a PC, then you use these sites from your smartphone.

You can read the post Best PTC Site.

4.Online Survey Jobs

online jobs :survey

OMG its my favouite and in intial days is started my journey from Online Survey sites. If you go for other online jobs then you need to put your experties but not in survey sits.

The main moto of survey sites is they collect some data (interest, likes, dislikes) from you and use that data to build a new product or to improve a product.

The best thing I like is your work on survey site is nothing, fill the surveys and earn money.

To start online earning from survey sites, you need to sign up on different survey platforms.

That’s it after completing the signup process you automatically get the notification in your mail when the survey arises for you.

The primary thing is you need to sign up on legit sites; otherwise, they don’t pay you.

Don’t search online for best survey sites here is a guide Best Survey sites to Earn more.

5.Amazon Online Job

If you do online shopping, you know about Amazon because it is worlds one of the biggest shopping portals. Amazon has so many different platforms, and one platform is there where you work earn from home.

If you have some basic knowledge regarding the internet and good in English, you earn from amazon.

Amazon creates a platform called Mturk, where you complete different HIT ( human intelligence task ) and earn from home.

6.Frelancing Job

A freelancing job means you will work as a single person and start providing services to different users. In other words, we say freelancers are self-employed.

Online freelancing jobs

Your salary is not fixed in this job, and it varies according to how many jobs you complete and the clients are temporary.

I feel free to work as a freelancer because in this job, no, your higher authority is there, and you only one who is boss as well employ.

To become a freelancer, you can directly search for clients or submit your skillset on different Freelancing platforms.

In this modern edge, most companies try to hire a freelancer because they get a good result in low price.

Now you think what Skills I need to become a Freelancer.

Skills like Writting, singing, copywriting, photo editing, coding, video editing, and many more.